Bill Glunt - The Message in Song

Thank you for visiting my website, we're glad you stopped by. It's my prayer that my ministry, music, and songs will be a blessing to your heart. My ministry is called, "Bill Glunt - The Message in Song", because every song conveys a message. As a song writer, I became aware that there was a personal message behind every song I wrote. God inspired me to write the song due to some event, whether good or ill, that had come into my life. I'm convinced that every song ever written was written because some event inspired it. I think the songs become an even greater blessing to us when we know the message behind the song.

Along with the songs we have written, we also like to share those messages behind the songs. In all the songs I sing, those I have written, and those others have written, there is one primary message, the message of the gospel. The message that Christ died on the cross for the sins of mankind, He rose again, and He's coming back for those that are serving Him.

This then is the message, the message of Jesus and His love. To learn more about me, my ministry, available albums, sound tracks, and the message behind the songs, please click on the links to the left of this page.