About Bill

Music has always been a big part of my life. At an early age, I enjoyed getting up in front of people to sing, and our family was always involved in music. Dad played the baritone horn and Mom played saxophone at the old camp meetings in Export, PA. While growing up, we had a church orchestra; Dad played his baritone, Mom her sax, my sister Joan played accordian, and I played guitar.

We were involved in special music all down through those years. Dad would play harmonica, my sister accordian, I'd play guitar and my sister and I would sing. We would all take our place in the church choir. While attending Bible College, I sang in a men's quartet, our college's twenty voice traveling ensemble, and the school's 100 voice temple choir. Gospel music touched my life then, and does now. For every need, for every trial in life, there is a song.

I could never quite understand it, but God started giving me songs to write. I knew it was God giving me the songs, but what I could not understand was why me? I was a good singer, but a mediocre musician at best. The best I could do was write down the words and jot guitar chords over them, but yet I felt compelled to write what God had shared with me. With help from other very musically talented people, my words and chords were turned into orchestrated background music.

I consider myself a songwriter, I consider God the composer. Often the Spirit would give me the words faster than I could write them down, only God can do this. If my music has touched your heart or made you smile, to God be the glory.